Adults 450yen
Children 230yen
  • One child (age 1 to 6) is not charged per one adult.
    However, it is not capable of being applied in case of group.

Two-wheeled vehicle

(under 125cc)
Under 750cc 1,170yen
750cc and over 1,320yen
Bicycle(Adults) 760yen
Bicycle(Children) 540yen


Under 3 meters (car length) 1,560yen
Under 4 meters 2,060yen
Under 5 meters 2,500yen
Under 6 meters 2,830yen
Under 7 meters 3,500yen
Under 8 meters 4,500yen
Under 9 meters 5,500yen
Under 10 meters 6,280yen
Under 11 meters 7,170yen
Under 12 meters 7,700yen
Every increase 1m 670yen

Group rate

Special fare for foreign tourists living in foreign countries

Fare for a car Normal fare   Discounted fare
Large-sized Bus - under 12 meters 7,700 yen >> 5,000 yen

Mid-sized Bus - under 9 meters

5,500 yen >> 4,000 yen
Small-sized Bus - under 7 meters 3,500 yen >> 2,500 yen
Fare for passengers Normal fare   Discounted fare
Adults 450 yen >> 300 yen
High school students,
Junior high school students
450 yen >> 250 yen
Elementary school students 230 yen >> 120 yen
  • Please note that fares described on this page might be changed by the consumption tax rate revision.