Sightseeing [ Nagasaki ]

Within 30 minutes drive

What happened from Heisei eruption had begun in November 1990 until the declaration of the end was made publish in 1996 ?
It is the only museum where you can learn about Volcano with simulated the experience of pyroclastic and debris flow on the dome screen with great power.
In addition, "Shimabara Peninsula Geo Marche" is held in the square with the seasons.

"Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival" is held in the middle of October every year.
It is interesting to watch that Noh theater performed at night by a fire and the parade composed of Amakusa Shiro and samurai processions.

It is a castle that daimyo (feudal lord) Matsukura Shigemasa had completed in 7 years by combining the best fortification technique in those days. Although it was abolished by the Meiji Restoration, rebuilt by the enthusiasm of people.

Within 1 hour drive

This is the castle ruin where Shimabara War broke out in 1637.
Amakusa Shiro aged 16 was the leader and raised the war with farmers and Christians with anger about the tyrannical feudal lord.

  • Nita pass
  • Unzen Ropeway
  • Driving 40 minutes away from Taira Port Terminal

Heiseishinzan formed by the eruption in 1990 opens out before your eyes.

Climbing Myokendake with ropeway, you can see Shimabara Peninsula or the Amakusa Islands.

This is a hot spring area of scenic beauty on Tachibana Bay.
The hot springs have high-temperature and a large quantity of water and are good for rheumatism or neuralgia.

This place has a sad history of the martyrdom of Christians by Kinkyo-rei (Edicts banning Christianity) in Edo period.
It was opened as a summer-resort for foreign people in the Meiji period and designated as the first national park in Japan in 1934.

Within 2 hours by car

  • Glover Gardens
  • Glover Gardens
  • Driving an hour and a half minutes away from Taira Port Terminal

The six European-style houses that had been scattered in Nagasaki city during the Meiji period were relocated or restored here.
Some of the representative examples include old Glover house, old Ringer house and old Alt house - national important cultural properties.
Its majestic sight had fascinated the great men in those days.

Oura Church is the oldest existing gothic-style church in Japan, and it was built for foreign people in old settlement.
Underground Christians of Urakami visited here in March 1865 and made a confession of faith.
This is what is called "discovery of Christians in Nagasaki".

  • Nagasaki Bio Park
  • Nagasaki Bio Park
  • Driving two hours and a half minutes away from Taira Port Terminal

Over 100 kinds of animals live here. For example, mammals or birds or insects.
Since there aren't so many fences or cages, you can touch or feed them.

  • Inasayama
  • Nagasaki Ropeway
  • Driving an hour and a half minutes away from Taira Port Terminal

“View Tower” is the cylindrical observatory surrounded by glass, and it was built at the top (elevation: 333 meters).
From here you can see the Nagasaki night view known as three major night views of Japan.

  • Huis Ten Bosch
  • Driving an hour and 40 minutes away from Taira Port Terminal

Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park in Sasebo city, and streets of the Netherlands were reproduced there.
There are a lot of European designed hotels or restaurants serving from French to fast food.
Flowers of tulips or roses which bloom with the seasons are recommended.

Within 3 hours by car

  • Hashima(Gunkanjima)
  • NAGASAKI official visitor guide
  • ・Driving an hour and a half minutes away from Taira Port Terminal
    ・40 minute cruise ship from Nagasaki harbor

Hashima is located 19 kilometers southwest from Nagasaki Port.
The small island had a coal mine and had been entirely covered with the quay.
There used to be high-rise reinforced concrete buildings.
Since its appearance was similar to the warship “Tosa”, it came to be called “Gunkanjima (Warship island)”.