Sightseeing [ Kumamoto ]

Within 30 minutes drive

  • Mandako
  • Miike coal mine
  • Driving 20 minutes away from Nagasu Port Terminal

This is one of the places to make efforts for the modernization of Japan.
It was designated as national important cultural asset and a national historic site.
Extant facilities or machines are kept safe.

This is the largest leisure complex in Kyushu, in Arao-shi Kumamoto.
The roller coaster "NIO" is popular.
There are about 80 attractions of various kinds.

Kyushu largest leisure land in Arao. Hanging type rotary coaster attraction of kids from screaming system, such as "Nio" There are about 80 models.

Within 1 hour drive

From the boat on the waterway, you can sightsee in Yanagawa-shi ,Fukuoka and enjoy the four seasons of Japan.

  • Hotel Sekia
  • Sekiahills
  • Driving 40 minutes away from Nagasu Port Terminal

This is popular and big resort hotel in Nankan-cho Kumamoto.
The all-you-can-eat restaurant has about 80 different dishes.
It has many attractions such as swimming pools or bowling alley, and anyone can enjoy.

Within 2 hours drive

This is one of the representative landscapes in Aso.
Green of the grass is beautiful in summer, and the snowy landscape is fantastic in winter.
Many people visit for horse riding or walking.

The upper courses of Kikuchi River flow very fast and made many waterfalls.
It has been chosen as one of the Select Best Waters of Japan.

  • Aso Farmland
  • Aso Farmland
  • Driving an hour and 50 minutes away from Nagasu Port Terminal

It has many facilities for recreation such as hot springs, restaurants, shops and accommodations.
It is a popular tourist resort that incorporates nature.
A variety of seasonal events are held.

This castle was built in seven years by Kiyomasa Kato after the battle of Sekigahara which happened in 1600.
It is also called as Ginnan Castle (ginkgo castle) and famous as one of Japan's three major castles.

Within 3 hours drive

Mount Aso has continued active volcanism.
The smoke rising from the crater makes you feel the power of nature.